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  The Facebook Handbook for Business - 100+ Tips, Tools and Guides on One page -

The Facebook Handbook

[updated: Oct 16, 2009]  Bookmark and Share


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Using Facebook For Business


Facebook has overtaken as the pre-eminent Social Networking service in the world. With increasing importance, many more Businesses and Individuals are beginning to use Facebook to builds brands and get business.


Facebook for Grownups  - From Butterscotch- 10 part video with step-by-step instructions for how to sign up for Facebook and how to create a Facebook profile.
Facebook Help Center - official Facebook Help


Facebook Marketing in Short
1. Generate Awareness
- Run Virtual Gift Ads
2. Engender Loyalty - Create a Facebook Page
3. Increase Online Sales - Give Exclusive Facebook Offers
4. Drive Offline Sales - Run Event Ads
5. Reveal Customer Insights - Create a Fan Focus Group
6. Build a Database - Create Contests and Sweepstakes


Essential resources for using Facebook for Business
How To Use Facebook for Business - PDF
Why Your Company Needs to Be on Facebook
Facebook Ads 101 - How to Set up and Track Facebook Ads
10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know
12 Ways to Use Facebook Professionally
Using Facebook for Marketing - 10 Company Examples
The Facebook Marketing Toolbox: 100 Tools and Tips to Tap the Facebook Customer Base
The Facebook Marketing Bible: 24 Ways to Market Your Brand, Company, Product, or Service Inside Facebook
10 Key SEO Strategies Every Facebook Page Owner Should Know
New Facebook Pages: A Guide for Social Media Marketers
Killer Facebook Fan Pages: 5 Inspiring Case Studies
Cause promotion: 50,000 Members In 6 Days
How to Create a Successful Facebook Group
Using Facebook for Your Non-Profit
10 of the Most Interesting Cases of Facebook Connect in Action
150+ Apps, Scripts and Add-ons for Facebook
Facebook as a B2B Marketing Tool:
Make Money with Facebook Applications
Facebook Marketplace: College kids use the site's Marketplace to scout out used couches and find roommates, but a savvy business owner can advertise services and product sales, as well as search for new employees.
Can Facebook Be Used in Education?

5 Money Making Opportunities on Facebook
Source: Mashable

1. SELL Facebook applications to sell them to interested parties.
2. DEVELOP applications under contract for third parties.
3. ADVERTISING. Use advertisements, cross-promotion schemes and affiliate marketing. 
4. MICROPAYMENTS. Sell services within Facebook through micro-payment transactions. 
5. GET INVESTMENT. If you think your Facebook application has potential. 


Did you know?

you can buy up to 5.000 new FACEBOOK friends from a private firm named for 7,6 Cent per friend


Important Facebook related security and privacy information everyone must know

1. Take care of strange emails wanting to know your passwords (aka phishing).

2.  By "posting User Content to any part of the Site, you automatically grant, and you represent and warrant that you have the right to grant, to the Company an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, fully paid, worldwide license (with the right to sublicense) to use, copy, publicly perform, publicly display, reformat, translate, excerpt (in whole or in part) and distribute such User Content for any purpose, commercial, advertising, or otherwise" (FACEBOOK terms of agreement)
3. The FACEBOOK Term of Agreement is changed almost every month without informing the users about it

4. Adding your mobile phone number to your FACEBOOK profile increases the risk of mobile spamming

5. Even though FACEBOOK claims to have high security standards, two MIT students were able to download over 70,000 Facebook profiles, using an automated script

6. Security experts classify FACEBOOK as a low security web service. This means that you should never use the same password for your FACEBOOK account as you use for more important services (e.g. e-mails or netbanking).




Apps, Tools and Scripts for Facebook


Firefox Add-Ons
Boost for Facebook  - adds all kinds of Facebook-specific features to your browser, including skins, notifications, auto-poke, auto-login, friends in your sidebar and more.
Firefox Toolbar - adds Facebook search and activity notifications to Firefox. Also view friends and share content without visiting Facebook itself.

Greasemonkey scripts
Cipher's Facebook Remove Ads  - Removes all the ads.
No Facebook Apps - Annoyed by all the apps? This gets rid of them.

Facebook Exporter for iPhoto - Tag, caption, and export photos from your iPhoto library directly to Facebook.
Mobile - View your friends and interact with them while mobile.
Video - Add videos, record from your webcam and much more.

eBay Auctions - List auctions you are running on your own page, browse others, make wishlists.
Forbes Stock Tracker - Track your stocks, see what your friends have, stay on top of financial news.
Jobster - Get job alerts on companies you are interested in.
PayPal - Need to pay someone? Someone owe you? You can handle it all from here.
Resume  - Post your resume, sync your LinkedIn resume and recommendations to your Facebook resume.
Share Partners: When you publish updates to your company blog or Web site, add the link or a link and a photo to your Facebook profile using the Share Partners app.
Facebook Badge: Facebook describes its Badge feature as "a customizable way to share your Facebook information on other Web sites." Creating your own Badge will link Facebook friends to your company's Web site.
Facebook events to Google Calendar
Facebook Widget for Mac OS X
Yahoo! Finance
Zoho - Online Office
Oodle Classifieds: Organize your company's advertisements, job postings and classifieds on Facebook with the Oodle app.

BBC Radio - Choose the BBC radio stations you want to play on your profile and display what is currently playing. Music  - Turn your music into a playlist, share it with friends, check your music compatibility.
iLike - Add music to your profile, play the music challenge and more.
Pandora - Links your Facebook account with your Pandora account, so it can display your favorite artists and songs, and your recent stations.

Email - Now you can email your off-Facebook friends without leaving the site
SkypeMe - Add Skype functionality to Facebook.

Useful Tools

iSellMyTextbook - Helps you connect with other students at your school to sell and buy text books without dealing with the bookstores.
Trend Hunter  - Showcases the latest trends in any number of subjects on your page.
Currency Converter  - Something every world traveler needs, check the latest exchange rates.
Flight Finder  - Search for customized airfares.
DivShare - Attach files to any friend's wall.
Documents  - Edit documents with friends, also includes versioning so you won't lose anything.
WordPress - Bring over entries from your WordPress blog.
Share Files - Send files to anyone inside of a message.
Live Blog - Add a full featured blog to your profile that works in either column.
The SocialBar  - Internet Explorer Toolbar for FB - A Facebook toolbar for use with Internet Explorer

Countdown Calendar  - Add a countdown on your profile for any event of your choice.
HOT or NOT  - Rate other Facebook users, find the hottest, meet them.
Blackjack - Add the age old game of Blackjack to your page.
Web Sudoku  - Daily Sudoku puzzles of different difficulty levels for your page.
PacMan - Play the classic arcade game.


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