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  Handbook for Professional Bloggers - 175+ Tips, Tools and Gudies on One Page -

Bighow Blogging Handbook

175+ resources for professional bloggers (& tips)

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If you want to share your blogging tips, or a link about blogging guides, use the tag 'blogging' when you submit.


The Seven Commandments of New Blogging


Blogs Are Not Journalism, But They're Changing It

- Steve Rubel

To say a blog is journalism is like saying web pages are journalism.

- Dana Blankenhorn

1. Focus: Do not write blogs on just about anything (the me-too stuff). Choose your niche that you care about or something that you want to benefit in terms of money, jobs, contracts etc.

2. Be an expert in your niche: Make sure you cover all the issues and FAQs thoroughly in your niche.

3. Write to be scanned and read: If you have long posts, use sub headings, use keywords in subheadings.

4. Enhance your post: Add visuals in the form of blockquotes, videos, charts, graphs and photos

5. Work at becoming an expert in your trade and also a specialist in your topic.

6. Write a timeless post: e.g. A compilation of resources for your niche, a study on the state of your niche (what's wrong with it, who are the top players, who are the top experts etc.; take some interviews with top players and experts

7. Promote your writing everywhere - on the net and in the real world.


What is Blogging?
Blogs in Plain English
A Wikipedia Definition:
A weblog (usually shortened to blog, but
occasionally spelled web log or weblog)
is a web-based publication consisting
primarily of periodic articles
(normally in reverse chronological order)
Pew Internet Blogging Report


How to Blog
Step #1 : Decide what you want to blog about
Step #2 : Create your own blog
Step #3 : Promote your blog
Step #4:  Drive Traffic to your Website
Step #5 : Monitor your blog
Step #6 : Learn from the best blogs and improve
Step #7 : Keep posting good stuff frequently


Resources for Bloggers on Bighow
Bighow Handbook to Online Journalism
Ultimate blogging and reporting tool list
Blogging guide
Blogging and Online Journalism Glossary


Great Guides to Effective blogging
Blogging life
- 18 lessons I learnt as a blogger [Darren Rowse]
Blog writing - How to write a blog post [Seth Godin]
Blog post headlines - 10 Surefire Headline Formulas  
Blogging style guide - Telegrapg blogging style guide
Google is god - How to create a Google-friendly blog
Search engine friendly - Optimize your blog for search engines
Blog traffic tips - 21 traffic triggers for social media marketing (copyblogger)
Blog traffic tips - How to drive traffic to your blog [Seth Godin]
RSS subscribers tips - How to increase rss subscribers
RSS subscribers tips- How We Took a Blog From 0 to 2000 Subscribers in just 12 Days?
Blog promotion tips- The 120 Day Wonder: How to Evangelize a Blog [Guy Kawasaki]
Link generation tips- 101 Ways to Build Link Popularity in 2006-Seobook
Blog promotion tips- Promoting your blog through Google Adwords - The Mother of All Google AdWords Tips
Online Reputation Management - Marketing Pilgrim's Online Reputation Monitoring Beginner's Guide
How to Treat your Blog like a Business
Multi-author group blogs 35 Tips Tricks To Manage and Handle Multi-Author Blogs

Legal Guides for Bloggers
The EFF legal guide for Bloggers Main Page
The EFF Overview of Legal Liability Issues FAQ
A Technical Guide to Anonymous Blogging
Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents
How to Blog Safely About Work and Anything Else
20 Law-Related Questions Every Blogger Should Know


Create a group blog
Group blogs are blogs where multiple authors contribute articles, links and opinions on a niche topic, and thus eventually becoming a destination. The easiest way to create a group blog is to allow people to regsiter and post on your blog.

Examples of great group blogs:

Huffington Post  In 4 years, it has become the foremost community of liberal bloggers
Dailykos  The original group blog for liberal bloggers
Corante  On New Media issues
Blogcritics Music, book, movie and cultural criticism
Metafilter The best group blog there can be - on all topics - to maintain quality levels, Metafilter charges $5 as entry fees so users feel responsible for their participation

Sources of Quality Blogging and Internet Marketing Advice
Problogger (Darren Rowse)
Seobook (Aaron Wall)
Seomoz (Rand Fishkin)
Copyblogger (Brian Clark)
Chris Garrett
Tony Hung
Performancing Group Blog

Top Forums for bloggers
Digitalpoint forums

Promoting Your Blog Posts on Social Media Sites
The thing about social news sites is you must particip[ate frequently and make some friends, building a reputation and network on these sites and thus making sure more users find your posts rate-worthy.

Submit your posts to multiple social bookmarking sites using AddThis
Submit your posts to multiple social bookmarking sites using ShareThis

Digg  - For stuff that geeks linke - gadgets, girls, movies, videos and all things sensational  - For useful how-to, top 10 type posts
Reddit  For opinions and analysis type articles and great inforgraphics
Stumbleupon  General purpose news
Hacker News -  For quality news about tech business
Fark - For funny, interesting news

Top 17 Niche Social Media Sites (That Actually Send Traffic) -Tropicalseo
20 Do-Follow social bookmarking sites that actually work
The Social Media Manual: Read Before You Play


Top 10 Events for Bloggers
BarCamp - There are barcmap events for different cities across the world.
BlogHer Conference - For women bloggers
BlogTalk - European conference
Blog World & New Media Expo
International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media
New Media Expo
Podcamp - For Podcasters
Postiecon  - from PayPerpost


Blog Awards



Blogging Tools and Resources

Blogging Platforms

Free, hosted
Wordpress (hosted)

Free, non-hosted
Movable Type
Expression Engine

Typepad Paid
Blogsite  Paid

Free Mini, Micro and Mobile Blogs
Posterous  Post by email
Twitter  140 character posts; post from mobile
Jaiku  Like Twitter; post from mobile
Textamerica Post from Mobile

Revenue Generation from blogs
Let's start with the simplest

Google Adsense
Yahoo Publisher Network

Affiliate marketing [advertise stuff on your blog for a commission]
Commission Junction
Amazon Associates
AuctionAds ebay stuff
Shopping Ads

Read: IAB Affiliate Marketing Guide PDF

RSS ads
Feedburner Ad Network

Sell your own merchandize
Paypal  - Accept Donations [Buy me a beer/coffee] and payments for ebooks

Google Checkout Like Paypal
Lulu  Sell ebooks, guides, tutorials, compilations, white papers  Put your blog's logo on shirts, bags, coasters and other items

Write product reviews for a fee
Review Me
Pay Per Post
Sponsored Reviews
Social Spark

More services that pay bloggers are listed here

Other sources for ads
Performacing Ads - 125 x 125 Marketplace
Ad Brite
Text Link Ads
Blog Ads
Azoogle Ads
Value Click Media
Tribal Fusion
Text Link Brokers
Federated Media  [Only sites with high traffic accepted]
Podtrack - Ad Network for Podcasters

Creating an online shop on your blog

WordPress e-Commerce Plugin - integrates with PayPal, Google Checkout, (for payments) and more.

eShop - a free plugin that allows you to set up an e-commerce site with WordPress.

Do-it-yourself advertising
You can have a page on your blog inviting ads on CPM basis. Create a media kit and list it on the "advertise" page. Contents of a sample media kit include your ad rates, ad policies, demographics, traffic, testimonials and contact information.

Host and manage ads on your server using Google Ad manager and Open Ad Manager - both are free!

How to create a killier "advertise" page for your blog

Paula's List of Top money making bloggers

Other ways of making money from your blog
- Consulting
- Speaking
- Selling services related to your niche
- Creating a members-only area for paid subscribers
- Develop education and training videos and screencasts
- Create podcasts for paid subscribers
- Organize events related to your niche

Create RSS feed

RSS Readers
Google Reader

Blog Search Engines
Google Blog Search

Blog Statistics and Tracking
Site Meter
Google Analytics
Mybloglog Create a community for your blog as well as track traffic
Google webmaster tools

Blogger Jobs
Problogger Job Board

Ping Search Engines after posting
Pingomatic  - Ping multiple search engines
Google Blogsearch

Blog Hosting
SIteground [this site is hosted here]
Media Temple

Check for plagiarism
Create polls for your blog
Sign up for Gravatar templates
A directory of blogger templates
70+ new and modern blogger templates

Wordpress Tips and tools
20 Important Wordpress questions (with answers)
Mastering Your WordPress 2.7 Theme & Admin Area: Tips and Tricks
Developing a WordPress Theme
How to make the most out of your sidebar
Social Networking with BuddyPress
How To Add A Forum To Wordpress
Podcasting and Wordpress 
Wordpress and Contact Management - WP Contact Manager
Wordpress and Flickr - flickrRSS for Wordpress - intergrate photos from any flickr RSS feed into your blog
How to embed YouTube Video in Wordpress - Video
Wordpress and Videos - Viper's Video Quicktags - insert video from sites like YouTube, Google Video, and more -
Wordpress and Twitter - Twitter Tools - Integrate your wordpress blog and Twitter
Wordpress and Twitter - Twitter For Wordpress
Wordpress and Google Maps - Google Map Widget - display a searchable Google Map on your blog -
More Wordpress 2.7 guides
Wordpress Cheatsheet 1 - PDF
Wordpress Cheatsheet 2 - PDF

Free Wordpress themes
100 Favourite Wordpress Themes
100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes
Upstart Blogger Futurosity Magazine - magazine style theme for wordpress

Wordpress Plugins
Wordpress Official Plugin Site
Wordpress All-in-one SEO plugin
Google Analytics For Wordpress
WP-DB-Backup plugin
Top 30 Wordpress Plugins that are actually useful
The 13 most essential plugins for wordpress



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