Popular Joomla Flipping Book plugin, Good Joomla Flipping Book component

Posted on September 2, 2010 By mahesh2010 Taged: Most sold Flipping Book, Best joomla Flipping Book plugin, Best joomla Flipping Book module

joomla flipping book Download it for life time: http://www.jextn.com/joomla-flipping-book-download/ Joomla Flipping Book Component for Flipping Book, developed by J Extensions. Front end Feature List: * Category Listing * Book Listing * Search Function * Pagination Joomla Flipping Book Option: View * Full Screen * Zoom Navigation * Previous and Next Page * First Page * Last Page * Go to Page Print * Print Left Page * Print Right Page Back end Features: * Configuration * Categories * Book * Pages PLEASE VISIT US AT http://www.jextn.com/joomla-flipping-book/ http://www.jextn.com/joomla-flipping-book-download/

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