New Music Game Nintendo

Posted on August 24, 2010 By hehe058

New Music Game Nintendo In this holiday season, a number of U.S. households will no longer around as they used to sing at the piano, but will put on their TV sets and game consoles, through "Guitar Hero" (Guitar Hero) and "rock band" (Rock Band) This game is to create music. Families to play Wii music game is very fantastic. Now, these digital music players have a new choice: Nintendo (Nintendo) produced the new game Wii Music. This price of 50 dollars a game for Nintendo's popular game console Wii (priced at 250 U.S. dollars) design; according to Nintendo's data, one is in November and sold over 200 million units Wii. Wii motion sensing through the handle to move the game character. Take nintendo wii games this tennis game, you swing like a wave, like a tennis racket remote. Wii simple pictures and lovely Miis (like your screen a cartoon people) had the game attracted a crowd is not cold, parents and children began to play golf game with the Wii Golf, senior centers have started to Wii Bowling bowling competition. Nintendo will be a fun fun, user-friendly video game style ported Wii Music game, remote control, just like an instrument, there are a lot of cheerful music, one wearing a white wig, named Sebastian Tute's People will teach you how to play. In addition to Sebastian, Miis in a music group and the Von Trapps Tutes also a higher band, the coming out show how to play different kinds of music and musical instruments. Despite the considerable price, but Wii Music in many ways different from the "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band" and other games, it also can understand why players often play the game and Tutes Sebastian will not cold. Of the rookie players, like "Guitar Hero" and "rock band" in a lot of young players will complain about pop Wii Music's track selection, it includes "My grandfather's clock" (My Grandfather's Clock) and the Bedouin Finland's "Ode to Joy" (Ode to Joy) and other songs; Wii Music's songs are not 80 years later than the end of the last century.

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